• Our Equipment

    - C9-Husky Rated @ 40,000 p.s.i water- jet    system
    - FluidEnd – Triplex Type with Direct drive    pump
    - Flow Rate: 6.5 gpm ( 24 litres per minute)
    - Engine Type: Caterpillar C9 Model 2100RPM,    6 cyclinder turbo charged
    - 275 horse power with Radiator cooled
  • C9-Husky

    Our unit mounted into a container with Lifting Lugs certified for offshore operation.
    Unit weight 4.5 Ton with accessories into container.
    Unit is feasible for mobilization and demobilization with pump unit fully covered for safe operation and grill gratings for exhaust and cooling purposes.
  • Benefits of Water-Jetting

    Water-jet speed and versatility, has become the surface preparation standard for coatings and paint removal for the Oil & Gas Industry.
    Ultra High Pressure water-jetting prepares a superior surface more efficiently, environmentally friendly with increase productivity and profitability.
  • Hydro-Cat System

    Ultra High Pressure systems can be coupled to Hydro-Cat. This is a environmentally friendly system which can increase production with less cost for bigger areas on paint or corrosion removal. A cost effective surface preparation method compared to conventional cleaning process. The process of removal and suction of debris can be done simultaneously to a safe and dust free operation.Very suitable for vertical, horizontal and overhead surface
  • Surface Preparation

    UHP cleaning can be utilised for Engines, transmission, hydraulic system parts,crane parts and many areas whereby refurbishment by service personnel can cut cost and time frame. Parts will be free from dirty oil and foreign particles when assembling. Process will enhance better quality and standard for final products.
  • Drill Pipes Cleaning

    With operating pressures up to 35,000 p.s.i we are enabled to clean internal diameter of Drill pipes, Tubings and other oilfield related products to bare metal finish. This process is a requirement for inspection companies and we can work hand in hand with third party inspection companies to performance this process. Currently we are engaged by clients in Kemaman and Labuan (Malaysia) for this application.
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